www.aspimeetz.com has become www.vbmeets.com (Varsity Bound Meets)

We have changed the url and user interface to be more modern and mobile friendly, but nothing else has changed. Same functionality and same people. We hope you enjoy the new look.
What we provide
  • Services - We provide online meet entries, meet results, roster/schedule management, and performance lists (team, conference, state, etc.)
  • Online Entries - Our online entries are second to none. You can setup all of the entries yourself, no need to contact us to change a setting (although we are always eager to help). The system handles all of the following and much more: Start and end date/times for receiving entries; multiple divisions (i.e. JV/Varsity); entry limits by athlete, team, event type; Unattached athletes; Credit Card Processing; Participant reports; Communication tools for participating teams. We do all of this and still have managed to keep the process simple for both the host and participating teams.
  • Results - When your meet is complete you can upload the results of your meet to our web site for everyone to see. Not only does uploading the meet results allow anyone to see them, but it also updates the rosters of all participating schools who maintain their rosters on this site affiliated web sites.
  • Roster Management - With our roster management module, you can keep a list of all of your athletes, your meet schedule, and all marks performed at those meets. If the meets you participate in upload the results to this web site your roster marks will automatically be updated (saving you time and eliminate data entry errors). You can also embed roster reports (meet schedule, best marks by athlete, best marks by event) directly into your own web site by copying and pasting about 4 lines of text into your web page and whenever your roster is updated your web site is updated automatically.
  • Performance Lists - With our performance list module we can provide you with a conference (or any other grouping of teams) performance list. The list will show the best marks by event for each athlete on the list.
Our existing customers may click here to login. If you aren't a customer but are interested in our services call (515) 421-9177 or email brian.kujath@varsitybound.com and we can help you out.

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